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CompuRead is a Multisensory K-6 Reading Program for both Parents and Professional Educators

If you've been searching for a way to build reading skills with your dyslexic student or non-reader, CompuRead is the answer!


The CompuRead Instructional Reading Program is a multisensory reading instruction program that's sequentially and phonetically oriented to teach any student, from the struggling to the gifted, the beauty and logic of the English Language.   The CompuRead Program begins at birth and continues through the 6th grade level and can also be used to teach an adult to read. One of the major purposes of CompuRead is the preparation of children for kindergarten.

CompuRead continues in preparation of all students and their parents throughout the elementary grades to read on grade level and many times far beyond. It contains early intervention techniques for very young children, preschool and kindergarten and emphasizes reading techniques not found in any other reading program.

The CompuRead Program has been taught in mainstream classrooms, resource rooms, teaching adults and children in private practice and parents teaching at home. It is created for the learner to think through problems and express his own ideas with parents, students and teachers.

CompuRead delves deeply into the detail of teaching needed reading skills. All reading skills are learned in the same sequence, whether the child is struggling or gifted. All students deserve to learn the phonetic and comprehension sequence and structure of the English language.

The CompuRead Program is the first to consider the extreme minuteness of teaching how one skill builds upon another. It is necessary to organize the skills of the reading process in order to teach the natural logic of the English Language.

The CompuRead Program has over 36 unique innovations necessary for the successful classroom experience, plus many other educationally proven features.

The CompuRead Program excels in all aspects of reading education and includes specific skills in...

  • listening
  • comprehension
  • speaking
  • phonics
  • character building
  • language arts and vocabulary
  • spelling and writing

CompuRead does not require years of technical reading education training or certification.

Few people outside of certified teachers have advanced education and instruction on how to teach. CompuRead has solved this problem by relaying to the instructor most every question, answer and skill needed to assist a child in learning to read.

The CompuRead Program has been written from detailed research considering all aspects of reading education and is far superior from any other reading program on the market today.  Learn How.

We also have authored authoritative guidebooks and manuals for the parent and professional educator to assist in the early intervention education of young children.  More guidebooks are on the way.

Learn more about CompuRead by exploring our site.

CompuRead - Discovering the Joy and Logic of Reading
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